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"The Best Country Ham in the business."
Merle Ellis, Renowned Butcher and Syndicated Columnist


Try a bit of what Johnston County Hams has to offer. Our famous Cooked Country Ham Slices, Country Ham Center Slices and our Dry-Cured Bacon make up this delectable trio! Great gift idea.

Sliced Country Bacon (Two 8-oz. Packs): Our dry-cured, hickory-smoked bacon is deliciously succulent. Our aging process means that our thick, hearty bacon won’t shrink even under the harshest of cooking conditions. The unique flavor and sweet aroma of our country bacon is uniquely Johnston County.

Ham Center Slices (Two 1-lb. Packs): The Original Johnston County Country Ham, lauded by food critics as the best country ham in America. Dry-cured, hickory-smoked and delicately aged to perfection, our Original Johnston County hams have a unique, gently smoked aroma and mellow, lightly salted taste. Country cured and vacuum-sealed. Sliced and ready for the skillet.

Cooked Ham Slices (Two 8-oz. Packs): Deli thin, ready-to-serve slices of our famous cooked ham. Each ham is individually prepared and gently smoked, creating the perfect cooked ham. Ready to throw on your favorite sandwiches or in your cooking. Or ready to eat right out of the pack.

Refrigerate upon arrival.


Recognized as the best in America, our cured country hams are inspired by the techniques of America's early colonists.
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